Are you there Blog? It’s me, Brannon.

Well mercy, mercy me.  I am so ashamed to see how much time has gone by since my last post!  I could bore you with the crazy goings on of the last several months around here – but why bore you?  Let me jump right back in the game.

Next up… some of my recent food work, including my delicious shoot at one of the top rated pizzerias in the COUNTRY! 🙂

Stay tuned…… B.

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Beauty by Design…|Easton Commercial Photographer| |Fairfield, CT Photographer|

Last week I had occasion to travel to beautiful Easton, CT to do a head shot session with not just a lovely lady, but the lady behind the lovelies.  You see, “fine paper lovelies” is what Patti Wunder of Easton Place Designs promises, and boy does she deliver.  I got to see her studio (and stunning home!) first hand as well as several of her works in progress, all while being joined by her fantabulous goldendoodle Aggie.  Typically, Patti’s focus is on infusing beauty into her own designs – but on this day, it was my job to highlight her beauty for some head shots to use on her website and elsewhere.  As you can see, my job was pretty darn easy.  Enjoy the sneak peek!

(click each image for larger view)


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We are Family… |New Paltz photographer| |New York family photographer|

A week or so ago, I had the opportunity to spend some time with the fabulous extended family of a preexisting client. Everyone was together spending a great big family weekend at the gloriously beautiful Mohonk Mountain House, and I’m so honored that they chose me to document some of their time together. I truly hope that they enjoyed my company as much as I enjoyed theirs.  Enjoy the sneak peek!

(click each image for full size version)

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Three’s Company Revisited… |Westchester family photographer| |Purchase child photographer|

Last Saturday morning, not only did I get to wander the glorious Pepsico grounds in beautiful Purchase, NY – but I got to spend time with two lovely ladies and one fabulous mini gent who I had the pleasure of working with just around a year and a half ago.  The two ladies haven’t aged a day (of course!), but young Mr. J. has gone from an immobile 7 month old with a little peach fuzz to a very mobile near 2 year old with a head full of silky hair!  Most impressive of all, however, was his absolutely model behavior – and he totally scored extra points by knowing my name!  He, his loving mama, his adoring aunt, and I got to spend a great time just chatting, playing, and enjoying the day.  I love opportunities to revisit past clients, and this was no exception.  Enjoy your sneak peek!

(click images for larger view)

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HUGE new August promo – plus new BCP site features!

Hey all!

Okay, major apology in order here – I realize I have been remiss in updating the blog regularly and for that I am truly sorry.  I am glad, though, that with my blogging return today comes a phenomenal offer!

For some time now, clients have asked for several things:  1) enable online ordering of prints and products, 2) offer print packages at discounts from a la carte pricing, 3) enable sessions to be booked online.  I am so pleased to announce that my site now how an attached store (check it out HERE!) in which all of those things are possible!   I currently have my standard sessions posted for purchase as well as one HUGE August promo you won’t want to miss.  Coming soon is my full catalog of product offerings as well.  Starting immediately, any new client gallery posted will be viewed on the store site, and you will be able to purchase prints/packages/products from directly within the gallery!  Combine that with a streamlined and SECURE payment & invoicing system and this new store site is winning across the board!  I hope you all enjoy it. 🙂

But now for the real excitement – for THIS WEEKEND ONLY – enjoy an ADDITIONAL $20 OFF the huge August promo!  That’s right, not only will you enjoy the August promo which is already a value of over 30% off, but you will get an ADDITIONAL $20 off!  Session must be booked by midnight, July 31, 2011 – and can be redeemed any time before January 31, 2012.  Just use code KICKOFF at checkout to receive your early bird bonus discount.  You can find the promo package in the Book A Session section of the new store site. 

That’s it all – I hope your summer is going fantastically, and I look forward to seeing faces both new and old soon!

Stay cool everyone – and happy shopping. 🙂

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5 tips to help ensure photo session success…|Dutchess County child photographer| |Hudson Valley family photographer|

So I’ve been reflecting on some of my most successful sessions from recently.  And one thing comes to mind as a key to their success – in a word:  preparation.  Now, I always have a checklist of things that I have to do to prepare for a session (you’d be surprised how much there is to do!) – but I have found that the more I guide my clients towards ways that they can prepare, the better the results.  Those who know me would definitely describe me as a “people person” – and I absolutely love spending time with people, it’s true.  One thing I’ve never liked, though, is telling people what to do.  I shudder to think – perish the thought!!   Don’t get me wrong, I can direct my kids with the best of them – but on the whole, I have a hard time directing anyone else.  But then I started realizing as my business has grown, many of my clients not only didn’t mind being directed, they actually appreciated it!  This isn’t to say that I get to a shoot and start ordering people around – that’s far from the case.  Those who have worked with me know that my style is all about letting you and your family be yourselves – and that’s when the best pictures come.  So what am I getting at – you may ask?  Precisely this:  a little bit of preparation beforehand can go a LONG way on shoot day!  Here are some of my suggestions for the best ways for you to prepare for our session.

1)  ALL of my sessions come with either a phone or e-mail consultation prior to our shoot.  This is the perfect opportunity to ask me questions about anything session related.  Need suggestions on what to wear?  Want to know what makes a great shoot location?  Ask me!  You paid for the consultation, and I’m happy to have it with you!  The fewer questions you have going into our session, the better.

2)  While I don’t really use a lot of props at my shoots, there are plenty of things that you can bring in a little “bag of tricks” to make shoots with your young children go more smoothly.  I’m not asking you to show up with a carpet bag a la Mary Poppins, but a few little things (i.e. bubbles, sidewalk chalk, a favorite blanket or toy, lollipops, fun accessories, balloons you can blow up, etc.) can actually take your child from being hesitant and nervous to feeling relaxed, comfortable and even excited to be having their photo taken!

3)  Just like the “bag of tricks” of fun stuff above, I encourage my clients to assemble their own kit of practical items.  Although I always like to expect the best, it’s important to plan for the worst.  Example:  Recently I had a little girl during one of my sessions get a little overeager at our beach shoot and she did a mini-dive into the water.  Thankfully her parents had the presence of mind to have brought a towel with them and in no time she was dried up – and we were back to shooting!  Along the same lines, clothing changes are always permitted during our session, but even if you don’t intend to use a change of clothes, it’s always a good idea to have a spare outfit (or two!) just in case.  Other items to consider bringing:  a brush, mirror, hair clips (hair out of the face is always ideal), sunscreen, a sweater, snacks – even bug spray!  I actually was shooting at a wedding recently where the poor bride was eaten alive by mosquitoes. 😦  Basically, if in doubt about whether you should bring something, just throw it in the duffel bag!  It can never hurt. You know the Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared”?  Yeah, they’re onto something.

4)  As much as I sometimes wish I had a jack in the box that would pop out of the top of my head to make kids look at me and smile, I don’t.  I work alone and with minimal equipment because I feel like the less new people/stuff to be distracted by, the better.   Much of my work is candid, so it doesn’t matter that your little one isn’t looking right at me.  But for those who would like some more formal/traditional shots, it definitely helps to have all the subjects looking in my general direction.  Usually I’m able to capture attention fairly well, but if you have a friend or family member who is willing to come and get your little one(s) attention – it makes my job that much easier.  Having that extra and familiar pair of hands can go a long way.  From dancing and making silly faces, to calling your child’s name, to holding up an ice cold beer to get that elusive smile from your husband… these can be the key to capturing a great formal shot.

5)  Finally, as someone who hates having her picture taken, I know that not everyone is ready for their closeup!  Every once in a while I get a family or subject who is all smiles and eager to try all different kinds of things – but those are few and far between.  So listen:  I know that many people are simply uncomfortable in front of the camera.  Believe me, I get that.  All I ask is that you come into our session with an optimistic attitude.  If you need to play Eye of the Tiger right before our shoot to get amped, do it!  I won’t tell.   The point is, photographs are a way of passing on our legacy to later generations.  When your great grandchildren look at your photos, you want them to say “Awww, Grampa Joe, he was always smiling – what a happy guy!” and not “Why does Grampa Joe always look like his team just lost the Super Bowl?”  Trust me, not only will your family and friends be happier looking at a smiling you, you’ll be happier too.  Embrace the moment, enjoy life, and smile (or at least crack a grin) for the camera. 🙂

Obviously the above list is not meant as BCP Photo Session preparation gospel, but you’d be surprised how even doing a few of the above can transform our time together.  I look forward to lots of upcoming sessions trying these suggestions out with you all!

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Green acres is the place for me….

farm livin’ is the life for me…

Or at least it was yesterday evening at Wilton, CT’s gorgeous Ambler Farm.  I got to spend a bit of time with Jennifer Angerame (of Southern Yankee, LLC fame!) and her fabulous 3-pack.  Jennifer was looking for both some family shots as well as a few head shots as part of my Many Hats promo this month.  And we definitely got a little of everything along the way!  Her family was as easygoing as they were dynamic and were all so much fun to work with.  Thanks for a great evening, Jennifer (and for turning me on to this FAB venue!) – enjoy your sneak peek. 🙂

(click each image for full sized version)


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