The simple things… |Dutchess County child photographer|

Thanks to the lovely weather here lately in New York’s Hudson Valley, we’ve had plenty of occasion to be outdoors.  My youngest was enjoying the first swing of the season here, and between the sun, warm breeze, and signs of spring everywhere – it couldn’t help but make me be thankful for the simple things.



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2 responses to “The simple things… |Dutchess County child photographer|

  1. Great photo Brannon! I can remember taking pics of Tia on a swing about 5 years ago after she twisted it sooooo tight, and then me, crazy mom, held it as she climbed in, and then jumped back and started shooting in full burst mode… the funniest pics!

  2. I know all about the crazy mom bit – great minds, think alike, right? Thanks for the compliment, L!

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