Jeepers creepers… |Putnam child photographer| |Carmel family photographer|

…where’d you get those eyes?

Just sent off the finished gallery to this family for viewing last night – and it seems that one of their favorites from the session is also one of mine – namely, this shot – seen here two ways.  It’s funny, 95% of the time a photo will tell me whether or not it should be edited in color or converted to black and white.  But every once in a while, I get one that just stumps me.  So, I’m asking you, dear readers – which edit do you like of this shot, and why?  I’m super eager to hear your input.



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3 responses to “Jeepers creepers… |Putnam child photographer| |Carmel family photographer|

  1. They’re both lovely, but I personally prefer the B&W!

  2. Black and White. It draws you into his eyes. Perfect!

  3. Maureen

    Black & White!! Just beautiful! Timeless!

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