Announcing April Mommy & Me promo! |Westchester family photographer| |Hudson Valley child photographer| |Fairfield portrait photographer|

Greetings blog readers and supporters of BCP!  As you know, I like to do promotions now and then to thank you all for being the great clients (and potential clients) that you are.  I was just sitting and brainstorming the other day, and voila! – my next promo just kind of hit me.

There has been a common thread in several of my last sessions, namely, the mom in the family has said to me at some point something along the lines of “I’m so happy I finally have the opportunity to be IN the pictures – I’m always the one BEHIND the camera, and never the one IN FRONT of it!”  As much as we moms love taking snapshots of our family, and as important as it is that we continue to do so, it can definitely be a bit discouraging to never have the opportunity to see yourself in the shots with your family.

But fear not!  This is where my new promo comes in – the Mommy & Me promo!  I have custom tailored this package to be something both practical and exciting for all you moms out there.  Not only will you get photo session time on-location at a spot of your choosing, you’ll get an 8×10 print fully mounted on 3/4″ solid backing and ready to hang -PLUS – not1, not 2, but THREE little accordion mini-books with your favorite session shots.  Just think, a mini brag book for your purse, one for home or work, and another you could even give!

You’re so used to giving to your children and family – this April give yourself that time in front of the camera with your loved ones that you’re always wishing for.  Or, drop a hint to someone that this is something you’d love to get as a gift!  This promo will be valid only until 4/30 – but can be redeemed through 12/31/11.

These sessions can be booked effective immediately – just call 845.418.2528, fill out the contact form at my website, or e-mail me.  Can’t wait to see both familiar and new moms – and the ones they love!



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