Blown away…|Westchester family photographer| |Yonkers child photographer|

Well, for all the times I’ve shot sessions in super heat and humidity, sweating my behind off, still just trying to get “the perfect shot” – yesterday was not one of them.  No, yesterday was not only roughly 36 degrees at shoot time, but there was a steady wind whipping off the Hudson.  Though it really caught us off guard a couple of times, in the end we just laughed about it – and a good time was had by all.  You’d never know from looking at the faces of this mom and daughter duo just what the weather conditions were like.  Something tells me it’s the warm bond that these two share that kept those outside forces at bay.  But aside from the blustery winds, the true reason I titled this post “Blown Away” was because that’s just how I felt upon meeting little Miss N.  Miss N has just 4 1/2 years under her belt in this world, and yet from minute one of our time together she had a poise, character, and amazing joie de vivre that is truly unparalleled by the other 4 1/2 year olds I know.  We all know how sound travels so well on water, and I can only hope that all of Manhattan just a few miles down the Hudson River got to enjoy the genuine and hearty laughter that issued forth from her our whole time together.
To Miss N and her fabulous mama Mrs. M – ’twas a pleasure to work with you and shoot your Mommy and Me session.  Enjoy your sneak peek.

And if you’d like to book a Mommy & Me session of your own – details can be found here!

(click each image for a larger version)



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6 responses to “Blown away…|Westchester family photographer| |Yonkers child photographer|

  1. Mrs. M.

    OMG!!!! Brannon – I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!!!!! You are truly an amazing photographer, i couldnt be happier about the way they came out. THANK YOU for the lovely words, and beautiful shots!!!!

  2. Sandro

    The shots are beautiful… and the models are divine!

  3. Oh my – these are great pictures and memories that will last forever. Fantastic photographer! I love the color photos, as well as the black and white ones. -Denise

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