HUGE new August promo – plus new BCP site features!

Hey all!

Okay, major apology in order here – I realize I have been remiss in updating the blog regularly and for that I am truly sorry.  I am glad, though, that with my blogging return today comes a phenomenal offer!

For some time now, clients have asked for several things:  1) enable online ordering of prints and products, 2) offer print packages at discounts from a la carte pricing, 3) enable sessions to be booked online.  I am so pleased to announce that my site now how an attached store (check it out HERE!) in which all of those things are possible!   I currently have my standard sessions posted for purchase as well as one HUGE August promo you won’t want to miss.  Coming soon is my full catalog of product offerings as well.  Starting immediately, any new client gallery posted will be viewed on the store site, and you will be able to purchase prints/packages/products from directly within the gallery!  Combine that with a streamlined and SECURE payment & invoicing system and this new store site is winning across the board!  I hope you all enjoy it. 🙂

But now for the real excitement – for THIS WEEKEND ONLY – enjoy an ADDITIONAL $20 OFF the huge August promo!  That’s right, not only will you enjoy the August promo which is already a value of over 30% off, but you will get an ADDITIONAL $20 off!  Session must be booked by midnight, July 31, 2011 – and can be redeemed any time before January 31, 2012.  Just use code KICKOFF at checkout to receive your early bird bonus discount.  You can find the promo package in the Book A Session section of the new store site. 

That’s it all – I hope your summer is going fantastically, and I look forward to seeing faces both new and old soon!

Stay cool everyone – and happy shopping. 🙂


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